(Print this out to give to someone who needs it today.. or pop it on the fridge.)

'Where to start when you don't know where to start'


No one is going to judge you for how much teach your kids during this time.  Your kids will judge you for how relaxed you are, how much time you spend with them and how much you enjoy them.  Your children are a mirror of you.  If you are stressed, they are stressed.  If you sit down and read to them, they will join you.  It’s ok to lay down rules if you keep them too.  Get some sunshine if you have a garden.  Cook together, but let them do the work while you encourage. Hands-on learning is (parents) hands-off learning.  Dump all of the change in the house on a table and have them count it.  Take some away and do it again.  Have them split it among their siblings and count it again.  Cuddle.  Look out the window and identify the birds that fly past.  Get out your forgotten children’s books, pile them up and read out loud for hours.  Play sardines (indoor hide and seek) and cards.  Watch Narnia.  Plays work best with a narrator/director (use any short children’s book or fairy tale).  Take photos.  Make videos.  Learn how to edit them.  Make a film for the grandparents.  Learn how to tell jokes.  Hug your kids and cherish this time.  Give them time to tell you things they only have time to think about when they are bored. It may feel long but we will all look back and it will feel so short.