I love writing letters.  And I know how much everyone secretly still loves receiving them.... so - I will send you a little note to say hello - written from my studio or wherever I am that day.  In English, probably on a postcard.  It may be quirky.  Be prepared. x Ashley

A little note from the studio....

  • Using the postal service for letters and notes in the modern age requires a bit of faith and hope.  10 years ago, our postman in Herefordshire collected my post while I was on holiday for three weeks and delivered it to me over a cup of coffee the morning we arrived home.  The service was amazing.  I hope that your note will arrive in England within a week.  If it doesn't, please kindly let me know.  Don't sit at home wishing for something to grace your letterbox.  On the same note - if your day was fantastically enhanced by this little surprise... or the anticipation of arrival... or it just made you smile, please let me know.  Post it on instagram @ashleyhylandartist or just tell your friends.  And have a great day. x Ashley