The air shimmers in a way that I can feel but can't see.  The sun is high, casting a deep shadow beneath the copse of trees - they merge into twins from my distant view.  I feel playful almost.  Something magical is afoot.  Joy.  Sky magic joins earth magic.  Walking over the hill to sit in the shade of the trees on a hot summer's day. Blissful shade. Windover Hill, Sussex.


On the brow of the hill, the copse of trees warmly extends its greeting like an old friend, playful, shady, calming.


This painting has been exhibited at the English Wine Centre, with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra at Boxgrove Priory and at the Hope Exhibition, South Downs Youth Hostel, Sussex, England.


Windover Twins

SKU: AH020
  • Oil painting on stretched canvas, 36"x48".  

    Please note the dimensions. 

    This painting is rectangular, not square as shown above.