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I am really excited to be exhibiting at this concert.

This will be a very special evening...

Thank you to the composer, Nathan James for including and inspiring me.  How unusual it is to find a group of artists making work about the same piece of earth at the same time.  

Nathan has lifted the beauty, contrast and ancient history of this part of the South Downs and placed it in this emotive piece of music, to be performed on the 7th of March at Boxgrove Priory.


He has also collected an impressive archive of writing and artwork about the Long Man of Wilmington and shared it on his Instagram page @onwindoverhill.


This wonderful world...

I love beautiful places, mystical places - the sky full of clouds, fields to remind me of summer… they remind me of the times that I feel wholly myself, peaceful and still. 


I remember that I am connected to beauty in the world - ancient, solid and repeating through the cycle of the year. 


Painting is my celebration of that beauty and emotion - the line of a hill framing the fields, the mark of a fence passed through for generations. 


I hope you enjoy this work and seeing it makes you feel a really good part of this great big beautiful world.

x Ashley


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