A perfect time of year to dream of water, boats and sand between your toes....

AH057 IMG_5990.jpg
Safe Harbour
watercolour on handmade paper
approx. 4"x6"

You are welcome in this space.

Every painting is a captured moment, the essence of a special, spiritual, natural place.

When I paint, I make a deep, peaceful connection with the world. I hope you feel this connection through my paintings while you are here.




"The landscape stretching before you brings peace as you sit still and feel the presence of the land."

AH023 From Monk's House 72 FOR WEB CROPP
From Monk's House
watercolour on handmade paper
approx. 4"x6"

Geese fly by the tractor glinting on the hill, meadow grasses pressing the blanket into mounds.  


All of my paintings include free worldwide trackable delivery.  From small drawings to paintings bigger than I am, you can have confidence that the artwork you fall in love with will be looked after with care.   As this year is a bit different for everyone, I am not able to guarantee delivery by Christmas, so please take this into consideration when ordering.


Concert and Exhibition

Boxgrove Priory, March 2020

An inspiring and energising evening full of thoughts, words, music, dance and art about one of my favourite places, The Long Man of Wilmington in Sussex, England.  My thoughts are at about 32 minutes into the BBC documentary.


This wonderful world...

I love beautiful places, spiritual places, mystical places - the sky full of clouds, fields to remind me of wildflowers and morning dew... they remind me of the times that I feel wholly myself, peaceful and still.

I remember that I am connected to all of the beauty in the world - ancient, solid and repeating through the cycle of the year. 


Painting is my celebration of that beauty and emotion - the line of a hill framing the fields, the mark of a fence passed through for generations. 

AH016 Bishopstone Poppy 72 FOR WEB CROPP

for reminiscent musings about the paintings and the beautiful places that inspire them... and a few aspirational thoughts...

Bishopstone Poppy

watercolour on handmade paper
approx. 4"x6"