Connect with universal hope and beauty

You are welcome in this space.

Every painting is a captured moment,

the essence of a special, spiritual, natural place.

When I paint, I make a deep, peaceful connection with the world.

I hope you feel this connection through my paintings while you are here.





You are invited

Solo Exhibition

Paintings and Poems of Hope

South Downs Youth Hostel, Sussex, England

Saturday, 5 September to Sunday, 20th September 2020

Open every day (including take-out coffee) 10am - 4pm

Free parking, bring a blanket and enjoy the countryside


The following paintings are part of the exhibition and are now available for sale!  Direct message me through instagram or messenger to arrange a zoom call to view and purchase your favourite piece.  Worldwide delivery.

"The landscape stretching before you brings peace as you sit still and feel the presence of the land."

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Pieces from previous exhibitions are held in collections across the globe.

Concert and Exhibition

Boxgrove Priory, March 2020

An inspiring and energising evening full of thoughts, words, music, dance and art about one of my favourite places, The Long Man of Wilmington in Sussex, England.  My thoughts are at about 32 minutes into the BBC documentary.


This wonderful world...

I love beautiful places, spiritual places, mystical places - the sky full of clouds, fields to remind me of wildflowers and morning dew... they remind me of the times that I feel wholly myself, peaceful and still.

I remember that I am connected to all of the beauty in the world - ancient, solid and repeating through the cycle of the year. 


Painting is my celebration of that beauty and emotion - the line of a hill framing the fields, the mark of a fence passed through for generations. 

IMG_0100 3.jpg



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