Hello!  I am an artist and home educator living in England.  

This series of paintings is about



Exhibiting at this concert was electric.

An inspiring and energising evening full of thoughts, words, music, dance and art about one of my favourite places, The Long Man of Wilmington in Sussex, England.  My thoughts are at about 32 minutes into the BBC documentary.


This wonderful world...

I love beautiful places, spiritual places, mystical places - the sky full of clouds, fields to remind me of wildflowers and morning dew... they remind me of the times that I feel wholly myself, peaceful and still.

I remember that I am connected to all of the beauty in the world - ancient, solid and repeating through the cycle of the year. 


Painting is my celebration of that beauty and emotion - the line of a hill framing the fields, the mark of a fence passed through for generations. 


I hope you enjoy this work and seeing it makes you feel peace and joy in this great big beautiful world.



Home Educator.

As a new home educator do you have days when you wake up, go into the kitchen and think, "I have no idea where to start today!"


Some days, do you start well, then get interrupted by life and your well-crafted schedule doesn't fit the day you are having?

'Where to start when you don't know where to start'

is my love letter to you full of great home education ideas that work.  It is full of simple activities for any age designed to be printed and put on your fridge or above the kettle - for those days when you need a bit of support.


Have you just started home educating?

Are you doing some research

to see if it will work for you and your family?

Just curious about how home education works?


I have a video series for you covering learning styles, ideas that work, ways to structure your days and messages of support for you as a home educator.


Share these videos with friends, family and neighbours who are curious about home education through the stories share feature on Instagram.



Home educator.

Sometimes, it is hard to see which comes first. Often, it is really messy and the two overlap in time and space.  Both have to fit into the nooks and crannies of family life.

It doesn't always feel like it is working, but over 15 years my work as an artist has matured and developed and my children have grown and learned.  Somehow, it mysteriously worked because we treated every day as a new start.