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artists @home

Welcome to this little glimpse into my family story….

Putting together this exhibition of contemporary art pieces that normally hang in my family home, I have realised a few important things.


  1. These pieces have been a constant through house moves, celebrations, times of joy and times of change - they are part of our family story.

  2. Art collections grow and develop through time.  Buy what you love.  It tells a story over time about you and what you enjoy in life.

  3. If you see a piece you love, buy it.  Now.  Artists change and grow and so does their work.  Don’t wait.  Make a wish, ask to trade for it. Act.

  4. Artists - make your work and share it.  It will live to tell important stories long after you have stopped creating.  Art has its own life once it is made.

These are the art pieces we love living with.

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