All of my paintings include free worldwide trackable delivery.  From small drawings to paintings bigger than I am, you can have confidence that the artwork you fall in love with will be looked after with care.   All artwork is sold and shipped unframed and larger paintings may have been un-stretched and rolled around the stretcher frame for shipping.  When these paintings arrive with you, they can be re-stretched by a local Fine Art framer.   As this year is a bit different for everyone, I will be in touch when your checkout is complete to discuss the best shipping method for your country.

Hello and welcome!  I'd love you to click through and read the stories, feelings and thoughts behind the paintings.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  

Prices are the same across all galleries in England.  Prices may differ in galleries outside England due to currency and transport costs.  Prices are reviewed regularly and are for unframed work. Sizes quoted are approximate and are for image or artwork size, not for framed size unless stated.  These are some examples in pounds sterling:

Smallest works on paper (4"x6", 10cm x 16cm)  £175.

Smallest oil paintings (4"x6", 10cm x 16cm) £275.   

Small works on paper (8"x10", A4, 20cm x 25cm) £275.   

Small oil paintings (8"x10", A4, 20cm x 25cm) £375.

Medium works on paper (12" x 16", A3, 30cm x 40cm) £375.

Medium oil paintings (12" x 16", A3, 30cm x 40cm) £450.

Large works on paper (16"x 24", A2, 40cm x 60cm) £450.

Large oils: 20" x 20"  (50cm x 50cm) £650.  24" x 24". (60cm x 60cm) £950. 40" x 40" (100cm x 100cm) £2600.

Prices are from December 2020 and are reviewed regularly.

I will be writing short letters of hope and reflection throughout the seasons in 2021...  Join me!